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         About Us>> Company profile

      The factory is specialized in producing high and low frequency electronic elcments and wires and cables .It has complete advanced equipment for making mould and special equipment such as press,injector,machine tool,meters and instrument lathe and so on for producing all kinds of products.The factory has powerful technical force that can develop all kinds of high-rate electronic products.The factory has 16 years history.The products manufactured by the factoryare exported to Europe,Southeast Asia,MiddleEast and so on regions.Sincerely welcome customers either old or new both at home and abroad to cooperate with us and create bright ruture together.

ADD:BANSHANG NORTHWEST INDUSTRY DISTRICT,LIJIA TOWN,WUJIN   TEL:+86-519-86731386/86731686    FAX:+86-519-86731817  
                                                                                                                                 moonmagic@vip.163.com /  bbjd@public.cz.js.cn
Changzhou Wujin BanshangJinda Electronics instrument CO,.LTD.